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Stuart Crowhurst Picture Website:

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Biography: came online on June 2nd 2017

and updated on Tuesday, July 28th 2020 and thank you all who checked out my website! 

Artistic statement

  A local fine artist inspired by beauty, imagination, innovative illustrations and highly respected iconic individuals. My personal favorite images of visual affirmations since the spring of 1997.


Stuart Crowhurst was born in 1975, in Naniamo, beautiful British Columbia, CANADA, and relocated to the Cariboo Interior with his Mother, Father and brother in 1986. Williams Lake would be his home for the next 20 years. He currently lives in the lower mainland.

 It was in grade 8, where he met his art teacher; Mr. Doherty. It was Mr. Doherty who encouraged Stuart to collect and preserve all his drawings and artwork throughout the next 3 years at Anne Stevenson Junior Secondary. Mr. Crowhurst began a personal portfolio of his best renditions in pencil.

 The final 2 years before graduation from Columneetza Senior Secondary in 1994, his next art teacher; Mr. Abott inspired Crowhurst to extend his horizons and learn different techniques in fine art. Weeks before graduation, The prinicple of Columneetza allowed Stuart to display all of his artwork of the entire length of the hall... in the trophy case. This was his very first personalized art show, which gave him great confidence to continue with his dream of becoming a passionate fine artist.

 Directly after graduation, Mr. Crowhurst was approached with an opportunity to enroll at the Vancouver Film School of Classical Animation. It was an 11 month program and at the end, Stuart had demonstrated his skills with a short animated cartoon. Although he completed the program, it was not the path he wanted to pursue... with animation. It is an extremely demanding career and to copy other artists exactly was a challenge for him. What Stuart wanted was to find his own niche in the world of fine art.

 After a 2 year gap of artists block, in March of 1997, Mr. Crowhurst came up with a name of his business and logo design; Dream 2 Creation Enterprises. That year, he became a member of the local Cariboo Art Society which met every Wednesday evening. From that point on, getting involved in the community, Stuart took on the roll of secretary at the local Station House Gallery. He assisted with gallery displays from 1998 through to 2000.

 One of his personal favorite art shows would have to be the annual Art Walk in 2000. About 50 other local artists in the community took part of this awesome event. Crowhurst had entered craft shows, window paintings for the holidays. Such as City Hall, Denny's and at Tim Horton's. To this day, the Williams Lake Studio Theater uses Crowhurst's logo design which he created for a logo contest back in 2000.

 In the fall of 2003, Stuart had an opprotunity to take a Bob Ross painting program based on his techniques and style. I did a large oil painting of the northern lights and gave it away as a gift.

 Sometime in 2003, Stuart Crowhurst would have his last art display and painter's block settled in, which he would not pick up a brush until 2013.. for a brief period, then in late 2016, his beloved Mother; Sonja Crowhurst passed away. She always encouraged her son Stuart to continue painting. During that time, a member of the local Presbyterian church and pastor wanted Stuart to be inspired to paint once again and as a Christmas gift of the best paints and easel to get him started once again. He is truly thankful for their generosity and for believing in him.

 In late May 2017, Stuart walked in the local art group in Port Coquitlam on a Tuesday and met fellow artist; Colin Craig who mentioned This artists group called; Arts Open Studio is just another leap into the world of fine art and finding inspiration being around this tight knit community of local artists! That same day Stuart was about to set up his first art exhibit since 2003 at a Gala event... that art show was the best I ever had in all my years as an artist... it really floored me!

 I, Stuart Crowhurst invite you to view my earliest pieces to latest on this newly developed website, which had been a dream of mine for the past 20 years –

 As an artist of creativity, you may notice my web site changing and revamping every so often. Thank-you for checking out my work!

Please send me an e-mail for any comments you may have, I'd love to hear from you!

 Every dream leads to a creation... thank-you Bob Ross for your inspiration to paint, but mostly, thank-you Mom for always encouraging me and to never give up



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